Florida Beach House Style

Living and working the amazing gulf coast area that we do, we have seen our fair share of quintessential beach homes over the years. Ultimately your home will always reflect your personal style, but we have found that there are always some common features that can be found in a beach lover’s home. Here’s a peek at some of the key aesthetics you can expect to find in your future beach house in the Sarasota/Bradenton area. There may even be some looks that inspire you to make a change in your current home.


A true beach-inspired home can mean different things to different people, but you can bet that you’ll find plenty of whites and blues throughout. Some may go for a more muted palette – the sophisticated side to beach-house living. Others may opt for adding blue tones throughout to reflect the gulf itself. *Photo credit – Mike Kelley Photography*

Living Room Mike Kelley Photography


Having a fun place to play outside is key – from a pool area to the best BBQ hangout in the neighborhood, the exterior is just as important (if not more!) as the interior of your beach house. *Photo Credit – Tria Glovan*

Beach House Pool Tria Glovan

An outdoor shower at the beach can be both relaxing and functional when dealing with sandy feet, bathing suits and the after-effects of a fun day of play. *Photo Credit – Tria Glovan*

Outdoor Shower Tria Glovan

A place to store beach toys and towels is a must as well – make it fun and functional! *Photo Credit – LZ@TheSummeryUmbrella*

Towel Rack LZ@TheSummeryUmbrella.jpg


From wicker to white, you’ll find that the beach lifestyle exudes simplicity and ease. White slipcovers not only flow with the color scheme, but can also be easily washed – perfect for the occasional sandy smudge. *Photo Credit – Blackband Design*

Beachhouse Interior Blackband Design

Distressed furniture and glass accents are also the perfect pairing for this laid back look. Both go seamlessly with the textures of the beach.


Forget the fussy window treatments and take advantage of the natural light. Use your beach view as your “artwork”. Simple roman shades provide plenty of coverage, but why bother when you can enjoy a crisp white molding and trim with noting to obstruct your view of the water?

101 Palmetto LR

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How to “Boutique” your Master Suite

Some of the best vacations aren’t ALL about where you’re visiting. Indulging in a stay at a luxe boutique hotel can make your trip as much about relaxing INSIDE as it is about exploring what is OUTSIDE. Want to continue that luxurious feeling at home? Going for the boutique look that makes you feel like you’re on vacation everyday is easy – and we’ve got some tips on making your master suite feel like a retreat from reality.

Set the Ambiance

It is typical of hotels to have lighting on both sides of the bed – it adds balance to the room and obviously light! This is a nice way to soften the light in the room rather than always using ceiling lights and it can cozy up the room. Using a lower wattage or even a soft color bulb, like pink can also add warmth to your bedroom.

Comfort is King

There is something luxe feeling about a crisp, white set of sheets that are at least 300-thread count. Hotels tend to use sateen or percale sheets, but whatever is most comfortable to you is the way to go and the higher the thread count, the better! If you really want to go the extra mile, having your sheets laundered and pressed is a nice touch too.

Don’t Forget the Pillows!

Luxury hotels spend a lot of time thinking through the pillow combinations on their beds. To keep it interesting, mix and match sizes, shapes and textures of your pillows. They offer visual impact but are functional, too.

Keep your Feet in Mind

While boutique hotels may not always have an area rug, one thing that can instantly add personality to a room is a nice area rug. Appealing to the sense of touch can make your room even more inviting, and since you will usually be standing on this rug with bare feet, the softer and fluffier the rug, the better!

Convenience is Key

Having a nightstand is more than handy to keep all of your regularly used items within arms reach. That favorite book you fall asleep reading each night? Those glasses that you need as soon as you’re awake? A glass of water for the night? A bedside table helps bring the most luxe into your life because it just makes things easier.

Go Wireless

Adding a wireless speaker to your room is a good option if you don’t have a TV (or are considering taking it out of the room). There are a huge variety of wireless speakers on the market that sync up with your phone or computer and allow you to listen to music, podcasts or even books. It’s just one more way to unwind and relax in your private space.

Last, but Not Least…

What boutique hotel doesn’t have big fluffy bathrobes that just swallow you up? Finding a luxurious bathrobe can be worth the splurge and will help you hone in on that vacation vibe right from the comfort of your own home.

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*PHOTO COURTESY OF http://www.Palms-to-Pines.com*

Get ORGANIZED While you Spring Clean!

If you’re already itching to dig into some spring cleaning – this is also the perfect time to take a few extra steps to get organized and simplify your home you’re your life!) Putting things in order will help you move through daily routines with less stress and give you time to focus on other goals. Here are some tips that we’ve pulled together to guide you on this organizing journey…have fun!

Get Started in the Garage

Starting out on the garage is always helpful because it can be one of the most overcrowded places in the house. Setting up a garage system to keep everything in place can be easy, here’s one approach that works:

  1. Hang some peg board
  2. Put some tool hooks in the holes on the board
  3. Using a thick marker, draw an outline around each tool to reserve its location.

Create a USEFUL Entry Space

Take a moment to think about what typically happens when you are walking in the house from a long day – it usually looks something like: walk in, drop keys, drop mail, hang dry cleaning, backpacks, purses and more. Why not make this a functional space that makes it easy for you to “unload” without having to think about organizing.

One tip is hanging a pocketed hanger on the doorknob or over the back of the door. This quickly creates an easy-access spot to hold items you will need for running errands, or for your work or school day.

Tackle the Laundry

How can one of the smallest rooms in the house seem so chaotic? And why does doing laundry seem to take up so much time?

One way to simplify things is to provide everyone with their own laundry basket. Then, when the wash is done, have everyone come to the laundry room to pick up their personalized basket of clean clothing. This keeps laundry on a “cycle” (pun intended!) and keeps clean clothes from sitting in a pile on the kitchen table for a week!

Consolidate Family Info

Whether you’re a one-person household or a family of five, a household manual is a crucial and very handy tool that costs nothing to create and can be done over time.

All you need is a binder, and a hole punch. Gather pertinent information like emergency contacts, vet details, school information, alarm codes, regular medication details and anything that could be useful if you are unavailable to help in a difficult situation. This type of portfolio can also be done digitally on highly secure cloud services such as Digital LifeCloud.

Charge it!

Having charging cables in every other room can be frustrating and a bit of an eye sore. A quick fix for this is a charging station in one central location in your home. With the options out there these days – you can even find decorative ones that are pleasing to the eye.

Toys Have a Place Too

As a parent, a grandparent or anyone with a constant flow of little ones in the house can all probably agree that the most difficult part is picking up toys. While clean p can and should be taught to kids, it can also help to have the area organized in a way that makes it fun.

Using colorful bins and even pictures as labels for where things go can quickly turn clean up into a game for kiddos and give adults peace of mind with things put in their place.

Master the Master Bedroom

The view of bulging closets and growing piles laundry can make for an unrestful space. Decluttering in the bedroom creates a bit of a sanctuary and the best place to start is the closet(s). Once the space is clear, it all boils down to finding what you need when you need it.

This can be a bit of a hurdle if there’s an inner pack-rat in you, but a good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn something in the last 6 months (or 12 months, depending on seasons where you are) then it should not be in your closet.

*Photo Courtesy of Good Housekeeping*

Brighten up that Patio in No Time (With Little Work!)

With Spring right around the corner, who ISN’T looking out at their patio and longing for a quick freshening up? Whether your view is of the Gulf of Mexico, a relaxing pool or a lush backyard, these tips are sure to brighten up your day and liven up your patio. Choose one of these ideas, or mix them up to amp up your outdoor entertaining space.

Add instant ambiance. Outdoor café lights (the kind with large bulbs) are a simple way to bring life to an outdoor seating area. Another trick to getting this mood is to hang solar-powered string lights if outlets aren’t available.

Make it personal. Placing a coffee table outside instead of the traditional patio furniture can make a pace more intimate. Adding poufs around the table make for a fun space to congregate and if you’re on a budget, this style of seating can be more cost efficient than wood chairs, for example.

Go vintage. Hanging a vintage sign is a quick way to bring personality to an outdoor space. Part of the fun in this idea is the “hunt”. Checking out local flea markets, moving sales or online storefronts can be an adventure.

Bring some quick color to the space. Adding a brightly colored outdoor rug is the perfect quick fix for a “blah” outdoor space or an easy way to for cover up less-than-perfect brickwork or cement.

Hang outdoor curtains. Whether your style can be found at Pottery Barn, or you are the ultimate do-it-yourselfer, an easy way to create a fun patio is by adding flowy curtains with some pops of colors outside.

Cozy up with an outdoor fireplace. While spring may not be a time you would need a fireplace in Florida, who can deny the fun of a group of friends toasting s’mores around a fire? Hardware stores and general stores have them, but if you’re trying to stick to a budget, finding a pre-owned fireplace is always an option.

*Photo credit – IonDecorating.com*


What’s Happening in the Kitchen…

As the year progresses, we are starting to see more and more of new trends in the heart of the home – the kitchen. While some things haven’t changed, like keeping the kitchen in line with the style of the rest of the home, there are some new trends catching on. Color, customization and convenience are coming out on top, making it easier to really make your space your own.

Bold is the way to go when thinking about new design for your kitchen. Where we used to see white porcelain and stainless steel, we are now seeing vibrant hues. The kitchen sink is a new place we are seeing color and it makes for an interesting focal point. Adding this pop of color in an otherwise neutral kitchen is one way to go or you could make more of a statement by using the same hue in the backsplash. There are even companies like Fireclay Tile that make it easy to design your own tiles – just select a design, add color and preview the design in your space. Gold accents are also making a big appearance and bringing warmth in to new these found colors.

Countertops and cabinet materials aren’t being left out when it comes to kitchen customization. If colorful tiles and finishes aren’t your thing – you can also put your personal stamp on a kitchen by mixing materials for your countertops. Consider taking a fashion forward approach by getting away form the traditional granite or quartz and combining wood and marble, for example.

With space and convenience huge on homeowner’s minds, hardware manufacturers, are making changes to design. One newer trend is hydraulic, easy-close cabinet doors that fold up and out of the way with the touch of a button making them perfect for kitchens where space is an issue. We’re also seeing more storage minded drawers that are multi-tiered to utilize space more efficiently.

It’s all about owning a space and giving it some character, all the while making it functional and simple. You are the one living with the design, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t reflect your personal taste.

No matter what your real estate needs are, Team Buky is here to help. We have worked with thousands of clients to make their real estate needs come true and we would love the opportunity to help you as well!

<Photo courtesy of Remodelista – The Unique Space>

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